Off Piste Skiing

* Try out our off piste private lesson in Les Houches by checking out our "Private lessons" page.

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* Group offer for Off piste skiing : Le Mont Blanc Ski Discovery

  • 2 outstanding programs in one of the most beautiful areas in the region
  • We ensure that you are in groups of similar ability and keep the groups small so that we can ensure your safety and maximise your learning
  • Discover a whole different dimension of skiing in France, Switzerland and Italy, but all under the watchful eye of Mont Blanc
  • To give you the best experience possible we stay flexible, choosing the ski area and even country day by day depending on where the best powder is and weather conditions are.

These lessons are for intermediate to expert level skiers and you will be in groups of between 4 and 8 skiers. Your instructor will select the best ski area and runs depending on the weather and your wishes.

Cham'Ski Fun Tour Prices

1st program. 2022 season
1 day105 €
3 days300 €
These day trips are for expert skiers only, with some truly epic and challenging skiing on the Glacier Rond, Pas de Chevre and much more. Your guide will lead groups of 3 to 4 skiers and show you some of the mythic lines of the Mont Blanc Massif.

Cham'Guides Tour's Price

2nd program. 2022 season
1 daycontact us