Flocon Lessons

For children from 3 to 5 years old that already have their Ourson Level.

  • We ensure that groups are kept small, with a maximum group size of 9
  • Our passionate instructors make it their priority to help your children progress whilst having fun at the same time
  • Group lessons are held from Sunday to Friday, in both the morning or the afternoon.
  • Outside of the school holidays, lessons are mainly in the morning.


Flocon Lessons Timetable

Lessons are held on the Prarion's ski area.
Morning Lessons all winter longFrom 9am to 11.30                         
Afternoon Lessons (Christmas Holidays)From 2pm to 4.30pm
Afternoon Lessons (February Holidays)From 2.30pm to 5pm
Lunch Lessons (February Holidays)
From 12noon to 2.30pm

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Flocon Lessons' Price for the 2018 season

Our Price doesn't include the ski pass price. Medal is included in the price for the 6 day courses.
6 Morning Flocon Lessons *154 €
6 Afternoon Flocon Lessons *154 €
6 Lunch Flocon Lessons *154 €

Group lessons Flocon "Super 7"

  • Between private and group lessons, the ideal learning to progress in small groups (4 to 7 pupils max)
  • A stressless timetable starting at 11.45am
  • During school holidays from beginner class to gold star level
  • Lessons are given from Sunday to Friday or Monday to Saturday (on Saturday 9am - 11.30)

"Super 7" Timetable 

The meeting point for the start and end of the Super 7 lessons is next to the Prarion lift. 
 New Year's week From 11.45am to 1.45pm 
 Half term holidays (7/02 - 4/03/2016)From 11.45am to 2.15pm 

"Super 7"'s Price for 2018 season

Our Prices doesn't include your ski pass. Medal is included in the price of the 6 day course.
6 lessons 206 €

Weekend Group Lessons

  • Every weekend in the morning
  • Saturday and/or Sunday
  • From beginner to competition class.

Weekend Group Lessons Timetable

Meeting at the bottom of Prarion lift at 8.45am
 Saturday / Sunday                                From 9am till 11.30

Weekend Group Lessons 2018 price

Minimum 4 pupils. Our Prices doesn't include your ski pass.
Saturday session
29.50 €
Sunday session
29.50 €

3 to 10 Weekends Group Lessons Package

  • From beginner to competition class
  • Choose the dates between 23/12/17 and 8/04/18.
  • Our best price: 20.50 € a session if you buy 10 weekends.

10 Weekends Group Lessons Timetable

Meeting at the bottom of Prarion lift
 Saturday and Sunday                              From 9am to 11.30 

10 Weekends Group Lessons 2018 Price 

Minimum 4 pupils. Our Prices doesn't include your ski pass.
3 to 9 weekends, price per day
23.50 €
10 weekends, price per day
20.50 €

E-Gloo Protect Insurance

Egloo Protec Insurance price 2018

To make the most out of your stay in Les Houches, you better be insured (research, rescue, transportation)
All Ski Individual 1st rescue stay package (6 days) 18 €